The Russia-Iran File

China is getting all the attention nowadays, but Russia and Iran are not going anywhere. There is no shortage of reporting and commentary on China. Here, I will try my best to keep you up-to-date on what is happening with Russia and Iran.

I grew up in Iran and am a native Persian speaker. I attended Johns Hopkins University, SAIS, for an MA in Strategic Studies, and there I focused on trans-Atlantic security as it relates to Russia.

Here, I will write as often as needed, no more, no less. I will try to update the readers about what is going on in both countries, but I will also try to explain the underlying situations there, even if there is no news hook.

For now, all posts will be unlocked and accessible for free. If there is a good reception, I will start posting behind the paywall. If it doesn’t, then I’ll stop writing. In the meantime, this SHOULD NOT stop you from chipping in!